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Yeti is a robust outsole tailored for resilience and performance. This mold-injected outsole integrates functionality with sustainability, setting a new standard for eco-conscious footwear without compromising on quality.

Central to Yeti's design is its black tread, composed of 75% recycled materials. This commitment to environmental responsibility is paired with strategically placed colorful inserts, enhancing grip through a specially formulated compound designed to resist slipping. This unique combination ensures that each step is secure, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions, making Yeti a reliable choice for diverse outdoor activities.

A key feature of Yeti is its Impulse Midsole, which is injected to provide stability alongside impressive lightness. This innovative midsole supports the foot's natural movement, offering both comfort and durability. The Impulse technology ensures that the midsole doesn't just absorb impact but also aids in propulsion, making every step efficient and powerful.

●Outsole: 75% recycled TPU
●Midsole: Impulse

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