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YETI is a robust outsole designed for resilience and performance.

At the core of YETI’s design is its innovative tread design, which incorporates strategically placed colorful inserts. These inserts, made from a specially formulated compound, enhance grip and resist slipping, ensuring secure footing across various terrains and weather conditions. This makes YETI an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor activities.

A standout feature of YETI is its Impulse midsole (Co.Bo. Patent AN2014A000057), injected to offer both stability and remarkable lightness. This advanced midsole supports natural foot movement, providing comfort and durability. Impulse technology not only absorbs impact but also facilitates propulsion, making each step efficient and powerful.

● Outsole: customizable TPU (also recycled TPU)
● Midsole: E-TPU Impulse by Co.Bo (also recycled TPU)

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