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March, 2024
Introducing our “ items” website section
A section designed to explore and emphasize our aim to tailor compounds and materials for specific end-uses.
February, 2024
Our Photovoltaic system
A step towards environmental stewardship and sustainable development reducing our environmental impact and fostering a culture of responsibility and innovation.
Jan, 2024
The rise of luxury sneakers with sustainable focus
In an era where fashion intersects with environmental consciousness, the rise of sustainable luxury sneakers marks a pivotal shift towards a greener future.
Apr, 2022
Reduce Co2 emissions to protect nature
GRS certification allows us to provide the customer with a certificate of analysis from an external body ICEA that attests to the % of use from recycled material.
Nov, 2021
Moving from thought to action at a reduce cost
Moving from thought to action requires the satisfaction of a series of consecutive steps from which no one can escape.
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