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The combination of aesthetics and safety. We base on the core to deliver the best performance for our customers.
Lightness and comfort are the key features of today's footwear market. We work on density and hardness to reach the ideal targets for the project chosen.
Withstands extreme climatic conditions and prevents work hazards. We design customized solutions creating amazing shapes to satisfy our customer needs.
The Injection

Injection moulding is our

way to shape the future.

It’s a manufacturing

process for producing

parts by injecting molten

material into a mould.

We specialize in producing precision components for the footwear industry. These essential elements play a crucial role in the overall structure and functionality of shoes, ensuring a perfect fit, durability, and performance.
Our expertise extends to crafting midsoles that provide cushioning, support, and stability. These critical components contribute to the comfort and protection of the wearer, enhancing the overall footwear experience.
We excel in manufacturing outsoles that are the foundation of every shoe. With a focus on durability, traction, and flexibility, our outsoles provide reliable grip and withstand the demands of various terrains, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
Injection Mould
Our materials

Not just a team,
but a big family.

"We are looking for young staff, interested and willing to get involved in the world of footwear"
Edoardo Procaccini
Federico Procaccini
CEO & Founder
Alessio Procaccini
Marketing Director
Nicolas Eusebi
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Massimo Moretti
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Team Member 2
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Giacomo Scarpeccio
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Team Member 1
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Team Member 3
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Team Member 4
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We are continuously exploring innovative solutions for the footwear industry, leveraging our expertise to push the boundaries of materials and processes. Our relentless pursuit of new advancements allows us to elevate the technical capabilities of the materials we use, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving footwear world.

Federico Procaccini – Cobo
Federico Procaccini
CEO & Founder


Daily Outsole
Our current production capacity with a 3-shift Standard item, 5 days a week.


Years of Activity
Over time we have diversified our proposal, bringing in the most different sectors of footwear, our know-how closely related to the technical moulding.


Waste Reused
We have always used production waste from a circular perspective, trying to separate, differentiate and reuse our waste in different ways, transforming it into new products or giving it new life and form.


Brands Served
Well-known brands in the footwear industry have passed through our services recognizing and supporting the qualities of our company.
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