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TreSeizero is a fusion of versatile design with functional excellence, designed as a blend of classic style with modern performance. Echoing the technical prowess of the Playmaker, TreSeizero is aimed at the discerning urbanite, offering a design that is less about youthful exuberance and more about timeless appeal.

At the core of TreSeizero's innovation is the dual TPU outsole, mirroring the advanced technology and environmental consciousness of the Playmaker. The first TPU, made from 85% recycled materials, provides the product with unmatched structure and stability, showcasing a commitment to sustainability without sacrificing quality. This foundation is coupled with a second high-quality TPU layer, used for its superior grip properties, ensuring a confident step across the urban landscape.

TreSeizero distinguishes itself with a focus on a classic, more universal design ethosThe sole features a customizable midsole island, a nod to personalization, allowing brands to imprint their unique logos and style preferences onto their footwear.

● Outsole: Double injection TPU for durability and performance.
● Filler: Low-density PU to enhance lightness and comfort

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