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Terra is a versatile outsole engineered to transition from rugged trails to urban trekking. It marries cutting-edge design with functional excellence, aimed at facilitating water deflection and ensuring grip across all temperatures.

At the heart of Terra's outsole lies our in-house developed compound, a testament to our commitment to creating bespoke solutions for challenging terrains. This high-performance tread design is pivotal in offering unrivaled traction, making Terra a reliable companion for adventurous trails and demanding outdoor activities.

A distinctive feature of Terra is its EVA midsole, applied through a low-density bonding process. This technique ensures the midsole remains lightweight, crucial for navigating tough paths with ease and agility. The choice of EVA material for the midsole not only contributes to the reduction of the overall weight of the footwear but also enhances comfort, making long journeys more bearable.

TERRA also features an Interchangeable logo patch that adds a customizable element to the footwear, allowing for personalization and brand distinction.

●Tread compound: Developed in-house, tailored for high performance and durability.
●EVA midsole: Low-density for lightweight cushioning and comfort.

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