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Designed with urban style and daily wear in mind, Playmaker is a sneaker sole carefully crafted to blend youthful design with everyday functionality. It utilizes a combination of advanced materials and technologies, ingeniously integrated to enhance the urban footwear experience.

Central to Playmaker's innovation is its two different typesTPU.

The first is a TPU composed of 85% recycled materials, providing the product with essential structure and stability. This environmentally-friendly approach does not compromise on performance, ensuring that every step contributes to a stable and supportive walking experience.

The second is a high-quality TPU distinguished by its superior grip characteristics: this feature is pivotal in delivering a secure and confident step across various urban landscapes, making Playmaker ideal for the dynamic lifestyle of the city dweller.

Another unique aspect is the customizable central island, which allows for personalization with logos and style preferences, adding a layer of individuality to the footwear.

●Outsole: Double injection TPU for durability and performance.
●Filler: Low-density PU to enhance lightness and comfort

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