Revolution is an advanced running outsole that epitomizes the latest in footwear technology. This dual-injection sole is meticulously engineered to offer superior abrasion resistance and grip, ensuring that each run is as efficient as it is exhilarating.

At the forefront of Revolution's design is its innovative use of E-TPU in the Impulse Midsole, provided by Cobo. This cutting-edge material is renowned for its exceptional energy return, providing a spring-like effect with every step. The E-TPU Impulse Midsole is injected directly into the sole, resulting in a seamless and highly stable platform that enhances the runner's performance by improving stability and offering excellent lightness.

A standout feature of Revolution is its glueless construction Materials:
● Outsole: Features a specially formulated tread designed for optimal abrasion resistance and grip, ensuring durability and safety on a variety of surfaces.
● Midsole: E-TPU Impulse by Cobo, chosen for its superior energy return, stability, and lightweight properties, enhancing the overall running experience.

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