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Our core workflow it’s not just a vision.

“Humility, respect and the desire to learn are the engine of creativity and research”
Alessio Procaccini
Quality Assurance
Control and refinement of burrs, washing and defacing of items before departure from our warehouses.
Coloring Matter
Application of coatings to achieve aesthetic or structural goals or to improve the performance of the finished product.
Details Precision
Once the samples have been created, our lab tests the compounds. Our main task is checking the product properties as long-lasting and satisfactory.
We’re in charge to cover all the additional works with respect to Injection Moulding, in order to deliver the complete, defined and finished product according to the high quality standards that recognize our company as a leader in the sector.

We are constantly searching for novelties for the footwear world, offering our knowledge to extreme processes and level-up the technical level of the materials we use.

Federico Procaccini – Cobo
Federico Procaccini
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